Outwood Mill Featured in Outwood.info Website

Outwood Post Mill has been featured in the new Outwood Village Community website which can be found at:-


The new website is all about Outwood in Surrey and features a whole raft of local information about Outwood and Village Life.

The new website have been created by WebDesignHaus a leading London based internet design and marketing firm.

A spokesman for WebDesignHaus said:

We were delighted to have been chosen to produce the new community website for the village as we have been heavily involved in the project to build the new Outwood Mill site and raise the profile of the Mill Online. Now that we have built the Village Community site as well, we feel this is really cohesive set of sites that work well together.

Already the new website is filling up features and in particular items relating to Outwood Mill are appearing in the news feed and the RSS Feed from Outwood Mill is on the home page of the site too. So all the latest Outwood Post Mill news is being relayed to the whole village.

We are delighted that we now have a “Sister Site” in Outwood covering all the exciting things that are happening in and around Outwood and where locals and visitors alike can get good up-to-date information about whats on and what what to see.

We wish www.Outwood.info massive success and can’t wait to see how the site evolves over time into a really great portal for the Outwood Villagers.

Outwood Post Mill Commissions Video Clips About The Mill


Outwood Mill is going “Viral” online!

Outwood Post Mill have commissioned the renowned film production company, Video Productions Hampshire to produce a series of ten short clips for us in online promotions.

Dave Gosley, MD of Video Productions Hampshire said:-

We’ve been involved in some unusual filming over the years but this is first for us filiming a windmill and such a prestigious one as Outwood Mill.

Dave went on to say:-

“I can see how people get captivated by the age and incredible engineering that went into building Outwood Mill, its truly a captivating piece of architecture and a mechanical marvel as well”

Outwood Mill chose Video Productions Hampshire to produce these films after seeing some of their other video work for their clients. The level of attention to detail and the quality of their production shone through.

In fact Dave was so enamoured with the Mill at Outwood that he offered to be a sponsor pretty much on the spot and so visitors to the mill will get to see a lot of Dave with his TV Quality Film Cameras in and around Outwood Mill as he’ll making lost of short films and other items over the summer (and perhaps a little in the winter too if we can persuade him.)

Video Productions Hampshire have already produced ten clips which have been uploaded to out YouTube channel.

Click the icon to visit the Outwood Mill Youtube Page

If you would like to get in touch with Dave at Video Productions Hampshire then click the link below to visit the website:

Link to – Video Productions Hampshire

Outwood Post Mill becomes BT FON Free WiFi Hotspot


Outwood Mill is possibly the oldest thing on the internet!

We know how much people like to be connected to the internet and even better if its high-speed and FREE!

Well, Outwood Mill has now become a BT FON Free Wifi Hotspot meaning that anyone who is a member of BT FON or BT OPENZONE can now enjoy High Speed internet access whilst visiting Outwood Mill.

This is perfect for the mill as it allows people with smart mobile phones, wifi enabled cameras and handheld devices such as iPads, Tablets and Laptops to take pictures and record video of the mill and send these to all their friends online immediately in the social spaces such as Facebook and Twitter.

With apps such as Foursquare and other location based social networks becoming massively popular its only right that Outwood Mill joins in the fun online. Its a great way for the mill to be promoted online and can only mean more visitors and more funds for the upcoming repair work that needs to be done.

For more details about BT FON visit the website at BT Fon Wesbite

Millwrights Inspect Outwood Mill


Recently we had the renowned millwrights Owlsworth IJP come and inspect the mill.

Although the mill is in good order generally we had an inkling that the current set of sweeps are in need of some attention due to their age.

The current sweeps were last repaired some 10 years ago and having withstood wind and weather for that period of time has taken its toll, as expected and one of the sweep arms in particular is fairly rotten and could present a danger to visitors.

Whilst he was here, Neil from Owlsworth IJP took considerable time to look at every aspect of the mill and found some other areas that need attention such as some of the planking on the side of the mill and of course the mill stones.

Although Outwood Mill is legendary amongst the millwright community, Neil had never been in the mill (he’d driven past it a few times). He said it was a real pleasure to see inside and get a feel for our lovely old windmill.

We are now also looking for two pairs of mill stones to replace the old stones that in Outwood Mill at the moment. Whilst Neil was here we established that the Forward pair are likely to be Derby Peak Stone and the rear pair look like a pair of Burr Stones, possibly French (though he can’t be sure).

We are now waiting on Neils full report and once we have this then fundraising and grant applications will begin in earnest. Once we have the report in our hands we’ll bring you another update.

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