Outwood Mill Starting Point For Outwood Village Show!

outwood mill featured village show update july 2011

For the first time in a number of years the Village Show, to be held this year on Saturday 3rd September, will begin and end at Outwood Post Mill.

Historically the Outwood Village Parade always used to begin at Outwood Mill, however for the last few years the Windmill at Outwood hasn’t been available for this to happen. However, the new operators, Ray & Tracy, have opened up the Windmill and its grounds once again so that the procession and its participants can once again meet and begin the day at the Windmill.

More details of this will be published both in the forthcoming edition of the Outwood News but also in the Outwood Village Show guide which is being prepared as we speak.

Outwood Mill Featured in Outwood.info Website

Outwood Post Mill has been featured in the new Outwood Village Community website which can be found at:-


The new website is all about Outwood in Surrey and features a whole raft of local information about Outwood and Village Life.

The new website have been created by WebDesignHaus a leading London based internet design and marketing firm.

A spokesman for WebDesignHaus said:

We were delighted to have been chosen to produce the new community website for the village as we have been heavily involved in the project to build the new Outwood Mill site and raise the profile of the Mill Online. Now that we have built the Village Community site as well, we feel this is really cohesive set of sites that work well together.

Already the new website is filling up features and in particular items relating to Outwood Mill are appearing in the news feed and the RSS Feed from Outwood Mill is on the home page of the site too. So all the latest Outwood Post Mill news is being relayed to the whole village.

We are delighted that we now have a “Sister Site” in Outwood covering all the exciting things that are happening in and around Outwood and where locals and visitors alike can get good up-to-date information about whats on and what what to see.

We wish www.Outwood.info massive success and can’t wait to see how the site evolves over time into a really great portal for the Outwood Villagers.

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