Outwood Mill Twitter Following Reaches the 1000 Mark!

outwood mill news twitter following reaches over 1000

Outwood Mill is becoming “Big” in the Social Networking arena!

After a dedicated marketing campaign by “webdesignhaus.co.uk” (Our internet design & Marketing partner) the dedicated twitter following for Outwood Mill has now exceeded over 1,000 people and/or organisations.

The nett result of this has been a definite increase in visitor numbers to Outwood Mill and more bookings for Schools, Scouts and other organisations.

Interestingly, because of the way webdesignhaus have targeted the right kind of followers for us in Twitter we have seen a large number of enquiries from National and International media publications and have been mentioned on Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show, The Independent Newspaper, The Times Educational Supplement and even by National Geographic who are considering doing an article on the Windmill at Outwood.

We know that as our investment into marketing begins to bear fruit the benefit to the Mill and Outwood Village will be enormous.

Watch this space as with the expertise being provided to us by WebDesignHaus it won’t be long before we are reporting that we’ve hit 5,000 dedicated followers.

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Outwood Post Mill Featured On Stikinotes.com

outwood post mill features on stikinotes.com

After a recent visit to Outwood Mill by someone from Stikinotes.com. Outwood Mill is the FIRST Windmill in the UK To be featured on the Stikinotes.com site.

Stikinotes.com is a great way to share the places you have been to and also a fun way to find new places to visit based on the experiences of other people using Stikinotes.com.

Stikinotes is also available as an app for your phone so you can get information about things to do and places to visit while you are on the move and whats more you can even add places while you are visiting them! How cool is that!

Thanks again to Jessica from Stikinotes for adding us on the site.

Our stikinotes page is at – http://www.stikinotes.com/explore/669/outwood-windmill.aspx

Outwood Post Mill Commissions Video Clips About The Mill


Outwood Mill is going “Viral” online!

Outwood Post Mill have commissioned the renowned film production company, Video Productions Hampshire to produce a series of ten short clips for us in online promotions.

Dave Gosley, MD of Video Productions Hampshire said:-

We’ve been involved in some unusual filming over the years but this is first for us filiming a windmill and such a prestigious one as Outwood Mill.

Dave went on to say:-

“I can see how people get captivated by the age and incredible engineering that went into building Outwood Mill, its truly a captivating piece of architecture and a mechanical marvel as well”

Outwood Mill chose Video Productions Hampshire to produce these films after seeing some of their other video work for their clients. The level of attention to detail and the quality of their production shone through.

In fact Dave was so enamoured with the Mill at Outwood that he offered to be a sponsor pretty much on the spot and so visitors to the mill will get to see a lot of Dave with his TV Quality Film Cameras in and around Outwood Mill as he’ll making lost of short films and other items over the summer (and perhaps a little in the winter too if we can persuade him.)

Video Productions Hampshire have already produced ten clips which have been uploaded to out YouTube channel.

Click the icon to visit the Outwood Mill Youtube Page

If you would like to get in touch with Dave at Video Productions Hampshire then click the link below to visit the website:

Link to – Video Productions Hampshire

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