The Millers

The Millers of Outwood since Thomas Budgen

In the 345 year history of Outwood Mill there have been only a small number of Millers who owned or worked the Windmill.

A List of the Outwood Millers
  • Thomas Budgen 1665 – 1716
  • John Budgen 1716 – 1765
  • widow Budgen 1765 – 1768
  • Ezekiel Budgen 1768 – ?
  • John Jupp 1807 – ?
  • William Jupp 1880 – 1934
  • Stanley Jupp 1934 – 1962
  • Gerald & Raymond Thomas 1962 – 1996

When his father (Thomas) died, John Budgen took over the mill at Outwood and the records show that he was paying “Quit Rent” on the mill itself, a malthouse and brick kiln.

John Budgen died in 1765 and the rent on the mill and its outbuildings was then paid by his widow until her death in 1768.

At this point the mill was then taken over by Ezekiel Budgen who became involved in a bitter quarrel with his brother Isaac. This in turn led to Ezekiels nephew Willam Budgen being granted a piece of land adjacent to the location of Outwood Mill in the year of 1796 with permission to erect a windmill upon that piece of land. This is how the Smock Mill came into existence.

By 1806 the possession of the mill had passed out of the hands of the Budgen family and had been acquired by one John Jupp. However it is noted that William Jupp took the mill sometime before 1880 and ran the mill himself until his death in 1934.

William Jupp Outwood Mill Circa 1933

Upon Williams death the mill was taken over by Stanley Jupp, however the mill was little used during the 1930’s and fell in to a state of disrepair.

After noting the restoration work on the sails completed by his predecessor plans were drawn up by Stanley for further restoration work to be carried out on Outwood Mill.

In the event World War II put paid to these plans and mill ceased at Outwood Mill completely in 1949 when the breast beam cracked and the windshaft dropped which in turn caused the sails to touch the roundhouse roof rendering the mill inoperable.

Temporary repairs were carried out by millwrights E. Hole an Son of Burgess Hill, a firm that is still going strong today. These repairs were then followed in 1952 by much more extensive repairs which included a new breast beam and prick post. Further work to the sails was carried out in 1955

William Jupp on the steps of Outwood Mill June 1933 – English Heritage Picture

By this time the mill was in the hands William Jupp (shown above) and he ran the mill until 1962 at which time Outwood Mill came into the hands of the Thomas brothers.

outwood windmill surrey william jupp miller turning the mill at outood circa 1950

William Jupp turning the Mill at Outwood circa 1950

In the autumn of 1962, Outwood Mill was bought by the Thomas brothers (Raymond & Gerald). The brothers ran the mill until Geralds death in 1996 when the mill was left to Geralds widow Sheila Thomas. Raymond died in 1992.

The only notable instance during the tenure of the Thomas brothers was that of 12 June 1964, wherein the mill was caught in a sever thunderstorm. Outwood mill was tailwinded, and only saved when the Thomas Brothers turned the mill so that the wind was side on to the mill. In 2003, the mill was offered for sale, however it wasn’t until the death of Sheila Thomas (Geralds Widow) that the mill was sold.

outwood windmill surrey gerald thomas raymond thomas millers outwood mill in their smocks

Gerald and Raymond Thomas, Millers at Outwood Mill 1960 – 1996

Shiela made concerted efforts to sell the property to the National Trust as she felt that this would offer the windmill the best chance of long term survival but that sale was never completed and eventually the plot was divided into three separate residential properties.

1. The old millers house
2. The mill barn and the windmill
3. The old mill cottage

Fortunately the current owner of the windmill wishes to see it thrive and bring enjoyment to young and old alike for many years to come.

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