Thomas Budgen

OUTWOOD WINDMILL was built in 1665 by Thomas Budgen

Thomas Budgen lived from 1640 – 1715, and was originally a miller of Nutfield village some 3 miles from Outwood.

Thomas budgen borrowed the money to buy the land and construct the windmill from his two borthers-in-law and as being a miller was such a lucrative trade in those days Thomas was able to repay his financiers with interest in two years.

Thomas Budgen is an ancestor (albeit in another arm of the family) to the Budgens that we know today as the supermarket giant which ranks alongsidge Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys and Waitrose.

Even today the Budgen family is quite prevalent in the local area and some members of the family still visit the mill set up and run by their ancestor.

The land and the rights to the windmill were acquired by Thomas Budgen from the Lord of the Manor of Burstow, the old demesne manor of Burstow is just south of Outwood. The original deed is still in existence and an image of this with a translation is shown here:-

Thomas was convicted in 1678 under the Convecticle Act for “Seditious Preaching” and was fined £20. This was a very large amount of money in those days and had Thomas not been able to afford the fine he might have ended up in the debtors prison.

What is unusual about Thomas Budgen is that at a time when average life expectancy for a male was 50-60 years, Thomas lived to the ripe old age of 75. We could speculate that might be due to Thomas having access to a better class of living due to his accrued wealth from the mill and to the abundance of Fresh bread in his diet.

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