What Is A Windmill

So what exactly is A Windmill

A “wind-mill” is a machine that converts the natural energy of the wind into a rotational energy by means of allowing the wind to pass through vanes attached to sails or sweeps as they are called in some parts of the country.

Originally theses windmills were developed for the grinding or milling of grain into flour, however the machine itself was adapted to use in many other applications and industrial uses. One important adaptation was using the windmill to pump water.

The area of land in England called Norfolk and Suffolk was originally under water. With the help of Dutch engineers using windmills as water pumps this vast area of land was slowly reclaimed from the sea and is now a part of the Islands land mass.

The Word “Mill” and its origins.

The word “mill” is a derivation of the Latin word “Mola”. This word in Latin means “Grind”. The Latin word for a grinder is “Molinas”.

Windmills across the world are known by many different names all of which originate from the Latin. In France they are called “Moulin”, in Spain “Molinos” and in Holland they are called “Molens”.

Additionally the teeth at the back of your mouth, your grinding teeth, are also called “Molars” which again is a derivation of the Latin.

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