Outwood Village, Surrey – The Home Of Outwood Mill

Outwood is a village in the Surrey weald. It is home to the oldest working windmill in England.

The village lies to the east of the M23 which runs between the M25 and London Gatwick Airport. A neighbouring village is Smallfield.

Outwood has many walks ranging from short ones around the common to several miles of public National Trust footpaths and bridleways. The paths take you through open common, woodland and fields. A large proportion of the countryside in and around Outwood is part of the Harewoods estate, which is owned and managed by the National Trust.

There are two main National Trust parking areas. One is opposite the main entrance to the windmill and the other is on the track leading to the cricket pitch on Outwood common, where there is a National Trust noticeboard showing a number of the footpaths. The National Trust holds guided walks at certain times of the year.

  • 1542 is the Earliest known reference to Outwood – the Court Roll refers to the restrictions concerning the felling of timber in Outwood.
  • 1665 The Post Mill, still in working order, was built.
  • 1834 The Baptist Chapel, no longer in use, was built
  • 1869 St John the Baptist Church was built
  • 1870 saw the creation of the ecclesiastical parish of St John the Baptist
  • 1876 The school was opened – now converted into apartments
  • 1887 Outwood Cricket Club was formed and is still active
  • 1891 The census of that year recorded about 586 residents in Outwood and 140 houses
  • 1930 Outwood Drama Society was formed, now defunct
  • 1936 The village hall was built, called the Lloyd Hall
  • 2000 Outwood Parish Council was created
  • 2001 Census recorded 569 People (309m, 260f), 224 households (Tandridge Census)

There is a fabulous website all about Outwood Village which can be found here:-

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