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Outwood Windmill, built in 1665, is the oldest working Windmill in Britain.

It is also an English Heritage Grade 1 listed building and as such makes for a fun, interesting and unique place to bring groups of school children on a field trip.

Located in the tranquil Surrey countryside in the small village of Outwood not far from Redhill or Horley, it’s easily accessible with plenty of parking even for a large coach.

A visit to Outwood Windmill makes a refreshing change for children who may not be used to seeing the countryside in their daily lives whilst providing a fun day out exploring and learning about the ancient art of milling flour through a real piece of living history.

The current guardian of Outwood Windmill, who grew up in Horley, visited the windmill on a school trip himself in the mid 1970’s and never forgot what he learned or what he saw and is now privileged to be a part of its on-going history. He and other locals also act as tour guide for supervised School trips and enjoy passing on their knowledge of Outwood Windmill and its history to the children (and their teachers) who visit the windmill.

A trip to Outwood Windmill engages Children mentally, physically and visually in local history and immerses them into an age long since past.

A visit to Outwood Windmill will allow children to:-

  • Gain an understanding of windmills generally
  • Experience a 345 year old working building
  • Relate the history of the Windmill to other historical events (Timeline)
  • Understand the process of milling flour
  • Gain insight into the life of a Flour Miller
  • Get “Hands on” and Mill flour by hand
  • Physically Experience “Turning the windmill” into the wind (Great fun)
  • Enter the Windmill and “feel” what it was like to operate it
  • Learn about the associated trades and skills involved in building Outwood Windmill
  • Learn about the local history of Outwood and its environs
  • Learn about the building techniques used to construct Outwood Windmill
  • Learn about the technology used within Outwood Windmill
  • Complete a questionnaire / quiz that reinforces knowledge & understanding
  • Win prizes for achieving high scores on the questionnaire / quiz
  • Get a certificate for “Turning the windmill”

From being physically able to enter and explore the inner workings of Outwood Windmill to the fun activity of “Turning the windmill”, a school trip offers a fun, engaging and interactive day that allows children to experience “living history” and often creates a platform for educators to build further classwork upon.

The current guardians have created a structured day filled with fresh sights, sounds and physical experiences that not only allows the imagination to be fired but which seeks, through the questionnaire / quiz exercise, to allow school children to retain what they learn on the day and carry that forward.

All the materials required for the day are supplied and these include:-

  • Clipboards
  • Questionnaires
  • Pencils
  • Prizes / Rewards
  • Certificates (For “Turning the mill”)

The tours of the windmill are “guided tours” and the structure of the day and how groups of children are to be managed on their visit are detailed in the section of this pack entitled “Visit Schedule”, if you are planning a school trip to Outwood Windmill please familiarise yourself with said schedule.

This information pack is designed to give educators all the necessary information to enable the effective planning and execution of a school trip to visit Outwood Windmill. However, if you feel that you have a question that my not be answered herein, then please do not hesitate to contact us on the numbers or email address shown above where we will be happy to help.

Additionally, if you are an educator and would like to visit Outwood Windmill prior to a School Trip then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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