School Trips – Suitability

A visit to Outwood Windmill is suitable for children aged 11 years and over.

It is ideal for children currently studying any of the following subjects:

  • English History
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Food technology

… or for those who have a general interest in such things.

A visit to Outwood is a tactile experience where children get to explore the windmill and experience the sights and smells of three hundred and forty five year old “wooden wind engine”.

With the rapid decline of windmills in the UK Outwood Post Mill is a true Gem among windmills in that it is still a working windmill. However the sails are not run on the days that school children are visiting as this would be too dangerous for all concerned. However children are immersed visually and aurally into a world of hard manual labour, plague, short life expectancy and the need for survival.

This is coupled with a great deal of local history connected to Outwood Mill from the role of the local pub, The Bell, built some twenty years before the windmill in 1635 through to the location of Outwood and how it came to be called so. The history attached to Outwood Windmill and imparted as part of the tour connects the existence and running of the Mill at outwood into the local landscape and people throughout the ages.

For educators, a trip to Outwood Windmill presents an opportunity to take the knowledge and experiences gained on the day back into the classroom environment for further discussion and activity.

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