Millwrights Inspect Outwood Mill


Recently we had the renowned millwrights Owlsworth IJP come and inspect the mill.

Although the mill is in good order generally we had an inkling that the current set of sweeps are in need of some attention due to their age.

The current sweeps were last repaired some 10 years ago and having withstood wind and weather for that period of time has taken its toll, as expected and one of the sweep arms in particular is fairly rotten and could present a danger to visitors.

Whilst he was here, Neil from Owlsworth IJP took considerable time to look at every aspect of the mill and found some other areas that need attention such as some of the planking on the side of the mill and of course the mill stones.

Although Outwood Mill is legendary amongst the millwright community, Neil had never been in the mill (he’d driven past it a few times). He said it was a real pleasure to see inside and get a feel for our lovely old windmill.

We are now also looking for two pairs of mill stones to replace the old stones that in Outwood Mill at the moment. Whilst Neil was here we established that the Forward pair are likely to be Derby Peak Stone and the rear pair look like a pair of Burr Stones, possibly French (though he can’t be sure).

We are now waiting on Neils full report and once we have this then fundraising and grant applications will begin in earnest. Once we have the report in our hands we’ll bring you another update.

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