Outwood Mill, built in 1665, is Britains oldest Working Mill!

outwood mill suffers storm damage in gales january 2012

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Outwood Mill Windmill Surrey Tourist Attration

Outwood Post Mill on Outwood Common, Surrey is the oldest working Post Mill in Britain.

Outwood Mill has stood on the Common at Outwood for over 340 years. This incredible Mill at Outwood was built just one year before the great fire of London.

Outwood Mill was built in 1665 by Thomas Budgen. Outwood Mill was working as mill right up until 1996. She can still mill corn if required. The Mill at Outwood is open to the public (see opening times) and offers an incredible insight back to an incredible period of English History.

Outwood Mill is a great place to for schools to visit and we welcome all groups such as Guides, Scouts, Clubs, Charities and any group who wishes to book Outwood Mill. Also Outwood Mill is also a fabulous place for wedding photographs and for Photography Clubs alike.

Come along to Outwood Mill and enjoy the thrill of seeing and exploring a real working windmill. Great fun for all the family (and kids get in for free!)

Please get in touch with us if you would like to make a booking – Contact us

Opening Times

Outwood Post Mill Surrey Tourist Attraction Opening Times

Information on the opening times and special opening days where you can visit Outwood Windmill and explore this incredible piece of history for yourself.

Special Events

Outwood Windmill Surrey Tourist Attractions Special Events

Find out about the special events scheduled to be held oat Outwood Windmill this year. Everything from vintage cars to country food fayres!

Schools & Groups

Outwood Mill Surrey Tourist Attraction Schools Trips, Camera Clubs, Scouts and Guides, Local History Groups

Why not organise a trip to Outwood Windmill for your school, organisation or club. We welcome parties so get the full information right here.


About Outwood Mill

Outwood Post Mill Surrey Tourist Attraction History

Discover the history of Outwood Mill through the ages from King James 2nd through to the Thomas Brothers, the last millers at Outwood Windmill.

Photo Gallery

Outwood Post Mill Surrey Tourist Attraction Photo Gallery

Outwood Windmill has a long and very well recorded history. Take a look at our Gallery where you’ll find many images of the Mill at Outwood and its Sourroundings.

Video Gallery

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Outwood Mill has been used many times in Films & TV Shows, take a look at some of our videos of Outwood Mill to get a real sense of the Mill.

Other Windmills

outwood mill surrey tourist attraction about outwood homepage 08

There are so many great windmills still in existence in the UK, here you will find a great many of them with links and information.

About Outwood

Outwood Windmill Surrey Tourist Attraction The Bell Inn Traditional English Country Pub

Outwood in Surrey is set in a beautiful and picturesque area, find out all about local events, village life, local walks and tourist attractions, the local pubs and much more.

Gift & Souvenir Shop

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Come and have a look in our online gift shop for some superb Outwood Mill gift ideas, from limited edition prints to small “stocking Fillers” you will find it all here.

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